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Double chin removal / correction surgery

Double Chin Surgery in Iran An effective yet affordable solution to your double chin problem that significantly boosts your self-confidence.

What is a double chin?

Double chin, also known as submental fullness, is a condition in which the tissues beneath the chin seem to increase in volume such that the neck-chin angle is shown to be wider than the ordinary. Normally, the angle between the chin and the neck is about 90-110 degrees, while this angle is wider in people who have a double chin, and it may reach close to 150 degrees or more in severe cases.

What is the reason for a double chin?

Many people consider a double chin as one of the symptoms associated with weight gain. In fact, we see that the area beneath the chin is one of the places of adipose tissue accumulation in overweight people. It is thus very common to see a double chin in obese people. On the other hand, as we age, the tissues under the chin are loosen and fall like other facial soft tissues. Therefore, seeing a double chin is common in the elderly; and the higher the age, the more the intensity and size of a double chin.

Double chin removal

A double chin in the elderly can occur only due to saggy or loose skin of the neck. This is highly prevalent, especially in the elderly, who are thin and have loose skin genetically. In such cases, by touching the double chin, we find two layers of skin together with part of the subcutaneous tissue that form the double chin. In overweigh elderly, touching the double chin indicates that the subcutaneous tissue beneath the chin has formed the major part of the double chin volume. The other factor appearing as the double chin in the elderly is the loosening of the superficial neck muscle. This looseness is usually seen as prominent vertical neck bands (also known as platysmal bands).

Sometimes, a false double chin is caused by a small chin (microgenia) or mandibles. As the distance from the most prominent part of the chin to the neck has reduced, a false double chin is seen due to optical illusion. Sometimes this false double chin is accompanied by a real one and causes the double chin to appear larger than it really is. In order to correct such a double chin, it is enough to augment the chin or mandible.In this case, the double chin may disappear spontaneously without making any change to the tissues under the chin.

Interestingly, in many people with a double chin, especially those with a large double chin, there is usually more than one reason for a double chin. Sometimes, some people experience all four causes, including weight gain, small chin, sagging skin on the neck and looseness of neck muscles and deep tissue.

Double chin removal (a double chin treatment)

To treat a double chin, first we have to identify its main cause. As aforementioned, a double chin may occur due to four main reasons, each of which has its own different treatment procedure. Using chin prosthesis is the best choice in people with a false double chin (caused by microgenia). Among other alternative measures to be taken for these people is double chin surgery in which the chin bone is broken, moved forward, and fixed there. Moreover, a not-well developed lower jaw (mandible) can be corrected to some extent by jaw surgery, also known as orthognathic surgery. Due to the complications that may occur following jaw surgery and given that the surgery recovery period is too long, many clients prefer chin prosthesis over orthognathic surgery.

Double chin suctioning can be performed in the youth who suffer from a double chin and over accumulation of fat under the chin due to being overweight. They are the only group that can get a complete result from double chin suction if they do not have any of the other causes of a double chin, such as microgenia. Only 10% of people who go for double chin removal fall in this category, and the remaining 90% have another reason for double chin besides this cause. Contrary to many clients’ beliefs, it is thus expected that the double chin will remain with you after the double chin suction by a probability of 90%.

Double chin correction surgery

In those with a double chin caused by loose or saggy skin and muscles, the only effective way to completely remove the double chin is to undergo surgery. Of course, some of the people with small double chin may temporarily use lateral and short-acting treatments. We address this issue in another article entitled “Non-surgical methods for double chin removal” on this website.

A double chin surgery can be done without anesthesia and by being put to sleep. This surgery is being done on an outpatient basis both in the youth and elderly. The double chin surgery applicants are discharged the same day as their surgery and can start normal daily activities from the next day. This surgery is the only method that can eliminate all causes of a double chin (e.g., small chin, saggy muscles, adipose accumulation, and saggy or loose skin of the neck) in the same surgery session, while other methods applied for double chin removal eliminates only one of the causes of double chin. Facelift (rhytidectomy) surgery applicants can undergo surgery for a double chin removal simultaneously with a neck lift surgery.

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