May 21, 2017


What is rhinoplasty and how is it performed? For what cases can rhinoplasty be performed? Do I need rhinoplasty? Appropriate […]
May 21, 2017

Visual Appraisal of the Nose

How to visually appraise your nose? Full face view Profile view How to visually appraise your nose? There are many […]
May 21, 2017

Factors Affecting Nose Shape and Growth

Environmental factors Total nasal congestion Partial nasal congestion Nasal Fracture Constant congestion in a nasal cavity Nasal polyps Diseases and […]
May 21, 2017

Iranian’s Favorite Nose Shape

Rhinoplasty in Iran Appraisal of the nose shape in Iran and western countries Differences between Iran and European countries in […]
May 20, 2017

Lip Augmentation

Recommendations for lip augmentation Common methods Implants Gel (filler) injection Fat transfer Surgical augmentation Recommendations for lip augmentation In the […]
May 20, 2017

Otapostasis: Prevention and Treatment

Just like other parts of the face, ears have great impact on facial beauty. Otapostasis, also known as prominent ear, […]
May 20, 2017

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)

In some cases, due to genetic or diseases that increase male hormones, women’s faces do not have the elegance and […]
May 20, 2017

Prosthetic jaw and chin

Under Construction
May 20, 2017

Types of facial prosthesis

One of the commonly used methods in facial cosmetic surgeries, is using different prostheses, for augmentation of a part of […]
May 18, 2017

Microlipo injection

What is microlipoinjection? Techniques Applications How long will effects of fat transfer last? Required re-injections Important advantages of fat transfer […]
May 17, 2017

Fat Transfer for the Elderly

Age-related differences in fat transfer Soft sloppy fat in middle age and elderly patients Aged-related differences in quality of adipose […]
May 17, 2017

Botox Injection

What is Botox? Applications and injection spots on the face Who should use Botox? How long does Botox last? Brands […]