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Jaw implant surgery

Today, the jaw angle augmentation and fox eye and cat eye models are among the facial beauty criteria, which have received lots of attention over recent years from models and fashion designers, as well as those involved in fashion and beauty. In this article, we talk about the effect of jaw angle on the face beauty and the methods used for jaw angulation, such as jaw prosthesis surgery.

jaw implant surgery

In addition to affecting the attractiveness of the face, the angulated jaw has a significant effect on the beauty of the neck region as well. As can be seen in the picture below, the angle of the augmented jaw dramatically helps display the straight line of the lower jaw (mandible), which is regarded as one of the obvious signs of youth and beauty.

By paying a little attention to the faces of the models who introduce the head and neck ornaments, such as sunglasses, jewelry, etc., in TV ads and billboards, it can be understood that the angular jaw has improved the attractiveness and fit of these faces. This will attract the attention of the audience and we can dare say perhaps no one can ignore staring at the faces of these attractive and beautiful models.

Angulated jaw, a blessing from God or the result of cosmetic surgery?

Is an angulated jaw God-given or genetic?

Perhaps the best answer provided to this question is that the main idea of the bony face and angulated jaw is not from humans and is the work of God. But the instinct to gain benefits in humans caused them to tend towards nature’s beauties. They defined the beauties for themselves one by one. You may have heard about the golden ratio or phi number. Many believe that if humans also observe this ratio in natural beauties, natural beauties can be created. By investigating the facial beauty of many models, we find out that a part of these beauties is genetic. However, a large part of these beauties is also in the artistic hands of cosmetic surgeons who know the techniques and ratios of face beauty and can create augmented jaws with beautiful angles using prostheses, bone changes, and gel or fat injection.

Therefore, in this brief article we aim to address these methods and techniques, especially jaw angle prosthesis.

jaw prosthesis

Who are the right candidates for an angulated jaw made via prosthesis placement?

 The jaw angle prosthesis usage has only an aesthetic aspect and is suitable for those who want to have a more prominent jaw angle. These people often do not have any facial congenital defects and use jaw angle prosthesis only to attain more beauty.

However, sometimes some people experience jaw bone growth defect at one or both facial sides due to congenital defects or asymmetric bone growth. In case of this disorder, jaw angle prosthesis can be used for one side or two sides of the face to solve this asymmetry.

What kinds of prostheses are used for jaw angulation?

Polyethylene prosthesis

Polyethylene prostheses are known in Iran with the commercial name of “MEDPOR”. MEDPOR is the most appropriate prosthesis used by experienced surgeons in Iran for jaw angulation and is available in a wide variety of models and sizes. MEDPOR can be shaved and designed for each particular person due to its ductility. These characteristics have led to the significant satisfaction of surgeons and users with MEDPOR prosthesis.

Silicone prosthesis

Another type of prostheses used for jaw angle surgery in Iran is silicone prostheses. These prostheses have less diversity and lack ductility. Although this type of prosthesis is very easy for the surgeon to insert, it is used less due to lack of ductility and the patients are less satisfied following the prosthesis usage.

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How to implant jaw angle prosthesis?

Jaw angle prosthesis surgery is often performed under general anesthesia. The jaw prosthesis is inserted in the right place by the surgeon via making a small incision inside the mouth.



An important point to be considered about the surgical incision site

“As the surgical incision is not made on the face or neck skin, no trace of the surgery can be seen.”

Although the jaw prosthesis can be left in place without any suture or screw fixation where the jaw angle is made, it had better be fixed in place using screws to avoid the possible displacement of the prosthesis.

Please watch the video of this surgery to be better and more aware of the process of surgery and the jaw prosthesis placement method.

Alternative methods to jaw implant surgery

What other alternative methods can people utilize if they are not willing to use jaw prosthesis surgery to make the angle of their jaw prominent?

In addition to using jaw prosthesis, one can use fat injection, gel injection, and even special volumizing threads, such as lift threads, to make the jaw angle prominent. These methods have been recommended to be used in cases where we can achieve the desired result with a slight change in augmenting the jaw angle.

Among the above mentioned methods, the results obtained from gel injection and thread usage are temporary and the jaw angle needs to be augmented again after some time, while the use of fat injection for jaw augmentation will have a longer effect.

Of course, the use of alternative methods to jaw angle prosthesis is not satisfactory for very choosy people and those who want to have a significant jaw angle protrusion, and is not recommended.

The superiority of prosthesis implantation over other alternative methods to jaw angulation

We should note that the jaw angle prosthesis leads to the protrusion of the bony skeleton, while the use of alternative methods causes the soft tissue on the bone to thicken. The protruded skeleton remains completely fixed and keeps its protrusion and beauty as the head moves and the neck turns up, down, and around, while the soft tissue on the bone can move around in a few millimeters. For example, the jaw angle is augmented sometimes higher or lower than the real place depending on the head–neck rotational position.

Does the prosthesis correct the asymmetry in the jaw area or jaw angle?

The jaw asymmetries are the result of the improper growth of jaw bone and one cannot expect the jaw asymmetries to be corrected only by changing the jaw angle. Generally, the jaw area and jaw angle asymmetries not only are not corrected by using prosthesis, but may become more visible because the jaw angle becomes more prominent with the use of prosthesis. This may cause other jaw defects and abnormalities to appear more visible.

Cosmetic surgeries generally aim to eliminate the facial defects, while all facial elements fit together. Correction of one facial area should not negatively affect the overall proportion of the face.

Who are not the right candidates for jaw angle prosthesis surgery?

In people with a wide face or short and fat neck, the border of the head and neck region is not well specified. In the view of these people, this defect is corrected by jaw angle prosthesis implantation and large changes will occur in their faces. However, this result will not be achieved in reality. We should know that changes that occur in the face of people with wide faces are small changes. They had better not undergo this surgery and use other methods if they seek significant changes.

Generally, the result of jaw angle prosthesis surgery is expected to be more satisfactory in people with thin face and neck as compared with those with fat and wide face.

Finally, we would like to attract your attention to Dr. Akbar Bayat’s recommendations for jaw angle surgery applicants:

“The applicants must watch some instances of surgeries performed so that they can decide about performing surgery with more knowledge and comprehensive and complete information about all aspects of surgery.”

Frequently asked questions

Is the prosthesis disintegrated after implantation?

No, it does not. The prostheses used by Dr. Bayat are made of materials with bone-like texture and are not disintegrated.

Is it possible to replace the prosthesis?

Yes, it is. The Prostheses used can be replaced.

Is there any risk of infection for patients from the prosthesis installed?

No. the possibility of rejection and infection is almost zero due to the high quality and type of prosthesis tissue.

Is it possible that the prosthesis breaks down due to impact?

The prostheses used are of high resistance and do not break down due to impact.



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