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Direct Brow Lift

In this article, we mean to present eyebrow lift methods and examine the advantages and disadvantages of these methods together. By reading this article, you will get all the necessary information about the available techniques, and in case you ever feel the need for eyebrow lift on your face or on those of your relatives, you can choose the most appropriate method and the best eyebrow lift surgeon in Iran.

So we are going to examine the issue of eyebrow lift from different angles.

As you know, due to aging, the tissues of the body sag and come down from their original place. Also in the eyebrow area, we see these changes with age.

Unfortunately, sometimes we see that the drooping in different parts of the eyebrows is not the same shape and size, and is more noticeable in the lateral and outer parts of the eyebrows (eyebrow tail) than the inner parts of the eyebrows.

Why does aging cause different effects of shape and size in different parts of the eyebrows?

The reason should be sought in the strength, volume and size of the muscles of the eyebrow area, sometimes the eyebrow depressor muscles are stronger in the edge of the eyebrow, and sometimes the lifting muscle is either absent or weaker than the depressor muscle at the end of the eyebrow.

How does an eyebrow lift help correct this asymmetry?

There are different methods for lifting eyebrows.

These methods are divided into two invasive (surgical) and non-invasive (non-surgical).
One of the most common non-invasive methods for eyebrow lift is Botox injection.
By injecting Botox, especially at the end of the eyebrows, it is possible to raise the eyebrows temporarily.

Other non-invasive methods include thread lift, laser, RF, hypnotherapy and Plexer. By doing these methods, we see slight changes in the eyebrows.

Eyebrow lift surgical methods can be referred to as the following three methods:


  • • Open brow lift surgery
  • • Endoscopic brow lift
  • • Direct brow lift

direct brow lift surgery

Open and endoscopic eyebrow lift methods are very common, because most people tend to correct the sagging and wrinkles on their forehead at the same time as the eyebrow lift.
In most cases, the sagging tissues show up next to the muscles of the face. For example, along with drooping brows, one may also see drooping eyelids and forehead, so a simultaneous forehead and eyebrow lift will have a very satisfactory result.

But some elderly people have sagging in the eyebrow area without wrinkles, sagging or other signs of aging in their forehead muscles. These people are the most suitable candidates for direct brow lift surgery. Sometimes some people don’t want to have heavy surgery and want to make the most changes in his eyebrow area with minor changes. These people are also good candidates for direct brow lift surgery.

In direct eyebrow lift, the surgical incision is made in the hair growth line and above the eyebrow.

This eyebrow lift method is not a new surgery and in in previous years it was done in the same style, but in recent years, the optimization of this method has improved the scar area and the sutures and people’s worry about remaining scars is greatly reduced.

Another advantage of direct brow lift surgery is the possibility of better eyebrow shaping. This relatively light surgery, the surgeon can better change the shape of the eyebrows.

So by reviewing the old methods and fixing the drawbacks of this method, people are more satisfied with direct brow lift surgery results and apply more, because some people don’t need a forehead lift surgery and want to look younger and fresher just by correcting drooping eyebrows.

When forehead and eyebrow lifts are performed at the same time, the surgeon does not focus directly on the eyebrow lift and all the tissues and muscles involved in these areas are lifted, but in direct brow lift the surgeon focuses only on the eyebrow lift. Therefore, they may better shape the eyebrows more than the simultaneous forehead and eyebrow lift, and by performing precise calculations before surgery, it is possible to measure the amount of eyebrow lifting.

In direct brow lift surgery, it is not possible to remove wrinkles and asymmetries on the forehead and around the eyes and these problems should not be expected to be solved with a direct eyebrow lift.

It should be known that there is no way to eliminate asymmetries completely, and only with further surgery, the existing asymmetries may improve to some extent, but not disappear completely.

Some asymmetry in the face of all people is completely normal, and by performing direct eyebrow lift, only severe asymmetries are somewhat reduced. Among the various types of brow lift methods, the direct brow lift method is more effective.

In direct brow lift method, it is possible to determine which part of the eyebrow must be lifted and therefore the surgeon can reduce asymmetries better.

Should forehead and brow lift be performed necessarily at the same time?

As mentioned above, signs of aging usually appear in all areas, but sometimes this is not the case. Symptoms of aging and muscle sagging may be more pronounced in one area.

For example one person may be old but have no sagging muscles or wrinkles on the forehead, but have sagging in the eyebrow area.

These people are the most suitable candidates for direct brow lift surgery.
Therefore, there is no need to perform forehead and brow lift at the same time, and it is recommended only for people who have sagging in the forehead and eyebrow area, to do forehead and brow lift surgery together in order to achieve a better result.

What is the right age for direct brow lift surgery?

In general, direct brow lift is not recommended for people under fourteen years of age.
The best age to perform this surgery is after forty-five.

In people who are between 40 and 45 years old, after necessary examinations by a doctor and at their discretion, surgery may be allowed.

Will eyebrows have their natural shape immediately after direct lift surgery?

As with any other surgery, there is swelling and bruising after surgery for which one must be patient and let the time pass to see the results of the surgery.


What is the method of direct brow lift surgery?

Before the surgery, the surgeon determines which part of the eyebrows needs a lift through accurate calculations. Therefore, immediately after the surgery one may think that their eyebrows are more prominent and much higher than spoken about in the pre-surgery counseling.

But it is good to know that this condition is temporary and usually after 3 to 4 weeks the swelling and bruising disappear and the eyebrows return to normal and the main result of the surgery shows after 6 months to a year.

The average duration of this surgery is one and a half hours and can be performed both with local anesthesia and deep sleep or general anesthesia, but if there is no particular problem, it is performed with local anesthesia.

People will have no problem for attending work after the surgery, but they may want to wear sunglasses in public due to swelling and bruising.

The use of mobile phones, tablets and computers, as well as post-surgery study is unrestricted.

It is recommended to avoid strenuous physical activity and heavy exercise though for 8 weeks, but light walking is possible after a week.

The Advantages of Direct Brow Lift Surgery

In summary, the significant advantages of direct brow lift surgery compared to other methods are:


  1. In this method, shaping eyebrow and correcting asymmetries are more possible than in other methods.
  2. The durability of direct brow lift is higher than other brow lift methods.
    Sagging may naturally reappear with aging, but experience has shown that after direct brow lift, the possibility of sagging eyebrows is less than other methods.
  3. Because the area involved in this surgery is smaller, it has a shorter recovery period.
  4. In terms of the costs, direct brow lift surgery, is cheaper than open eyebrow surgery and endoscope.
  5. If a person has a lesion or a scar on the upper part of their eyebrows or in women who have eyebrow tattoos that they want to remove, performing direct brow lift can remove previous scars and tattoos to be removed.

Limitation of Direct Brow Lift Surgery

Apart from the above advantages, it is good to know that this method also has disadvantages.
If you are planning to do this surgery, you need to be aware of its limitations as well. Therefore, in this section we present the disadvantages of direct brow lift surgery:

This surgery is not possible for people under 40 years of age, because young people are more likely to keep scars. Young people had better use alternative methods such as endoscopic methods.

In people who have thick eyebrows the doctor can hide the suture in eyebrow hair, but this does not mean that people with thin eyebrows cannot do this surgery.

Other solutions and methods are also possible to hide the suture site, including tattoo, micro-shading and microblading methods.

Explanation: “Phibrows” is a new term in Iranian hairdressing industry and is composed of two words: Phi which represents the golden ratio, and brows.

Some may ask, why do brow lift surgery when they want to have a tattoo?
In order to answer this question, it is better to first examine the differences between a tattoo and brow lift surgery.

In brow lift surgery, sagging tissues and muscles return to their original state and we know eyebrow skin is thicker and has more fat volume than the eyelids skin. Drooping eyebrows automatically cause drooping eyelids, so if a person has drooping eyebrows and doesn’t correct it, even eyelid surgery provides them with no beautiful appearance.

So when the tissues and muscles of the eyebrow area are drooping, even if there is no hair in the eyebrows, it is better to lift the sagging tissues and thick skin for a more beautiful appearance.

Another limitation of this method is that people who have wrinkles on their forehead, especially if they have genetically sagging eyebrows and who have constantly raised eyebrows at a young age and have thus wrinkles on the forehead, these wrinkles may not be corrected and other methods should be used to correct the forehead. Because although drooping eyebrows have caused wrinkles on the forehead, correcting drooping eyebrows can not be expected to correct wrinkles in the forehead area, and other methods should be used.


Alternative Methods for Brow Lift Surgery

Finally, we examine alternative methods for brow lift surgery or non-invasive methods.

  1. Botox
    Durability in this method is temporary and many people are satisfied with the result of this method.
  2. Thread lift
    This method is suitable for lifting certain parts such as the eyebrow tail.
  3. Tattoos
    Using tattoos can improve the appearance of drooping eyebrows by creating a visual error.
  4. In some eyelid surgeries, parts of the eyebrows can be raised a bit by performing browpexy, and this method can be considered an alternative.

It is always recommended for getting best results, to combine direct brow lift with other surgeries.

For example, by performing this surgery simultaneously with eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), eyelid puffiness and drooping eyebrows can be corrected. Performing this surgery with temple lift can also lead to satisfactory results.

Finally, a word of wisdom from Dr. Akbar Bayat for brow lift surgery applicants: The applicant must see the sample of surgeries, so that they can decide to perform surgery with holistic knowledge and with complete information.

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