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  • Halitosis or bad breath is problem experienced by many people over their lifetime. People often do not find out they have bad breath because the odor is not sensed as a bad smell by the person’s own olfactory system. However, this odor may be really repellant for others. Sometimes, it is even annoying from a far distance and affects social relationships. In extreme cases, bad breath creates problems for couples and may even lead to divorce. People with extreme bad breath experience stress in their social relationships and try to avoid others as much as possible.

    Although brushing the teeth, chewing gum, and using breath fresheners can be effective, but they are usually short-term solutions.

    What are dimples?

    Smiles always make you look prettier. The way that someone smiles is a unique feature and no two smiles are the same. A number of facial muscles are contracted when you smile, causing changes in your appearance. These changes are not limited to extended lips and visible teeth; they also appear on other parts of your face like the parts around your eyes. If someone wear a mask, you can tell if they are smiling just by looking at their eyes.


A feature sometimes observed on some people’s face when they smile is dimples, which can be seen a few centimeters from the corner of the mouth. This feature is often dynamic, meaning that dimples are not visible in normal states, but when the person smiles (due to contraction of facial muscles). Naturally, dimples may occur at one or either side of the face. Dimples on both sides of the face do not necessarily look alike and may differ in shape.

What causes dimples?

In people with natural dimples, unlike other people, muscle fibers that get contracted during smiles, pull the skin on these muscles inward, creating natural indentations round the lips.

Is it possible to create dimples?

The answer is yes. Most clients that ask for dimples are young women who like to have dimple on one side of the face. There are different techniques of dimple creation. This is typically done using topical anesthesia for outpatients. The procedure works inside the mouth with no requirement for creating cuts or making stitches on the skin.


How permanent are created dimples?

With regard to the results of dimple creation, the created dimples are often permanent. However, they sometimes fade away, in which case the procedure should be repeated.

Are there complications resulting from dimple creation?

To be honest, any medication or cosmetic surgery has its own potential complications. Injection of penicillin or using oral acetaminophen causes no trouble for many people; yet, they have side effects in some people. Potential side effects of dimple creation include facial asymmetry and loss of tactile sensation. Most of these complications are transitory and disappear with no requirement for any intervention. These problems will be minimized if dimple creation is performed based on scientific principles and complete knowledge of facial anatomy.

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