Frontal sinuses in men and women

The Frontal sinuses are cavities situated at the lower part of the forehead bone.



Small sinuses are located behind the brow ridge covering only the middle part of the forehead bone between the eyebrows. Larger sinuses, however, make the lower part of the forehead bone more prominent at the area beneath the eyebrows. In general, men have larger, more prominent sinuses than women. This gives the lower part of the forehead a more pronounced look in men.


The frontal sinuses in men are larger than in women

Impacts of frontal sinuses on facial beauty

Although prominent forehead and eyebrows gives men a manly look, making them more attractive, excessive protuberance may have an opposite effect, giving you an aggressive or wicked look. This situation makes women less attractive by reducing the fineness of their faces.

Asymmetrical growth of sinuses on the forehead, i.e. having a larger sinus on one side and a smaller one on the other, gives your face an unbalanced appearance, having a very undesirable effect on facial beauty.


The right sinus is much larger than the left one

Correcting frontal bossing (forehead recontouring)

Fortunately, advances in science and technology have made it possible to correct many problems related to facial beauty, caused by disordered growth of sinuses. This is usually done through an often outpatient surgery. In most cases, the larger sinus is reduced in surgery. Since this type of surgery is often performed on males, only in limited cases the smaller sinus can be enlarged to give the face a symmetrical appearance.

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